Born to our hearts upon this miracle claim life,
Holding you in my arms life gives meaning.
Far from this world become calm we are here.

Watching you grow this miracle life clear ways,
Masters of time watch upon you gather.
The age of peace and freedom you are.

Natation’s calling to the child of the stars,
Dimensions gather your farther to be.
Born for justice open hearts freedom.

The helping spirits Dusherlake comes from sleep,
Actions upon the watching Tarinker.
Pathways this light we awake.

Humanity will be one once more this love,
The spirits unite this will be history,
Generations will follow, spoken now.


Dusherlake Rersonifer’s Spirit dragon keeper of the heart of humanity a protector of the innocents.

 With the inner mastery the Tarinker birds the observer’s gatherers of all.

Combined a mighty force for peace now under the command of Rersonifer.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII

Connective Dimensions Mapping




Interconnectivity flowing in unison this map is an attempt to visualise the connective state. Binding pathways, if a collapse of one it would be absorbed by the other dimensions. At the heart a Sun in the connection per three dimensions containing planetary cores. The planet is part of the sequencing on regular pathways of the same energy. Multiverse can be explained in parallel explanatory planarity dimensions these are infinity.




© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII


Who knows what protects us and our world?  Maybe it’s Angels but here we have a book that explores the possibility of a different kind of Angel. When mankind finds itself on the verge of its own destruction, Kerry and Louise must work together to save us all.  Little does Kerry know that he is not of this world and his journey takes him down a frightening path. Dare you explore the unthinkable?  Are you brave enough to travel with them on their journey across dimensions to save the very core of mankind? Release date to follow.


Worlds of Essavadore – Humanoids

Pedrllehart Poster

#Terraustrall #Duirsail #Pedrllehart #Berithdawe. Peaceful guardians of the cosmos and life, humanoid inter-dimensional beings the observance from creation to care and balance. Winged savours resourcing patience understanding and indirect influence on thoughts and behaviour patterns however slight. Tasked with guidance with planetary interaction are source never seen.

#Skifakore #Truth Project © Nicholas Leslie MMXVII

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